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november special

November and in full “holiday” mode here at Et Voilà!Design.  For the Connecticut/Massachussets people interested in viewing my new items, on Saturday, November 21st I will be at a the 2MOMS on a Mission craft show in Enfield, CT.  Hope you will get the chance to stop in and see my new creations.  For everyone else, […]

&Voilàer: Joyce Hayden

Meet Joyce Hayden. I met her two years ago, briefly in passing, at Fiber College, and have followed her on social media sites since.  Not only talented, she is both encouraging and inspirational. I encourage you to follow her blog.

Opening night at the gallery!

My name is Joyce Hayden. I’m a former writing […]

éthéré, a new collection

I am a collector of many things, old rosary beads, religious medallions, broken pieces of jewelry, earrings with missing mates, unusual necklaces, and anything that can be made to dangle on a chain!  If it catches my eye it typically comes home with me, and sooner or later is matched up with another perfect piece.  Éthéré collection […]

brocante in Ableiges, Villiers-Adam & Ermont

This week-end we went to a brocante mensuelle (monthly) in Ableiges on Saturday.  If the weather is good I typically find some great things!  This is what I picked up there, a couple broken chains/rosaries, tiny boxes, crosses, snake charm, religious charms a cute pair of earrings and a pin. Sometimes I find things like […]

jeanne d’arc collection, custom pieces

If you follow me on Instagram or subscribe to EtVoilà!Design’s Facebook page, you may have noticed the many lovely medallions I have found at the brocantes, and perhaps you are curious to know what becomes of them.  Amongst the many things I collect, I collect Joan of Arc ~ Jeanne d’Arc medallions.  At times they have […]

brocante in Auvers-sur-Oise, Cergy, Villaines-sous-Bois, Saint-Martin-du-Tertre and Precy-sur-Oise

Five brocante’s and 11,7 km of walking. Brocanting is hard work! This is what came home with me yesterday along with a couple on location pics. Enjoy!

Crystal beads and tiny lightbulbs!

unusual brooch & pretty rosaries

Mont St. Michel Medallion

Paris medallions […]

brocante in Domont & Presles

brocante treasures

In yesterday’s post I provided a little insight on the location of our local brocantes.  As promised, today, I’m showing you my spoils, what came home with me.

I hit the mother lode with the chaplet’s!  I am particularly fond of the larger one, the one with the opaque glass beads and the one with the tiny tarnished […]

sunday’s brocante and a little geography

French brocante
September and October are big brocante months here in France (click here to learn a little more about what a brocante is). This past week-end was no exception, there were 13 brocantes listed in my department alone, and we went to three. To give you a geographical idea of what we are […]

ratatouille, end of summer recipe

A typical Mediterranean dish, Ratatouille is prepared with slight variations in Italy, Spain and Greece, but said to have taken origin from the Province region of France. Ratatouille is one of our family favorites, loaded with seasonal vegetables and fragrant herbs, a dish I have slightly modified over the years.

The recipe below is an interpretation […]